Alsa Backup

Alsa Client to perform continuous recording


Store, share and publish radio contents

AudioBank client

Manage AudioBank documents from command-line or Ruby

Bonnes Ondes

Publish your radio broadcasts


Manage internals of Tryphon boxes


Rails plugin for *Control projects


Manage Tryphon Boxes updates

CSA Debian package

CSA LAPSA plugins debian package

CSA Debian package

CSA LAPSA plugins debian package

Darkice debian package

Darkice streamer debian/ubuntu package


Schedule contents with files


Peer-to-peer streaming


Broadcast in Go


Go engine for metalive events

Hpklinux debian package

AudioScience driver debian/ubuntu package

Jack Backup

Jack Client to perform continuous recording

License Generator

Ruby generator for license files


Audio bridge complete solution


LinkBox web interface


Manage your own short links


Audio streaming over IP


Live broadcast metadata


Pending ...

Muse Rivendell

Muse & Rivendell integration


Pige management

Pige Client

PigeBox API Ruby Client


Record your broadcast


Pigebox web interface


Boot & Play

PlayBox Packer

Prepare content for your PlayBox


PlayBox web interface


Tryphon Web player

Puppet for Box

Puppet resources for Tryphon boxes

Qt3 debian package

Provides Qt3 debian package (for wheezy support)

Rake Debian Build

Rake tasks to build debian/ubuntu packages

Reverse Tunnel

Network support tool

Rivendell API Client

Invokes Rivendell HTTP API

Rivendell Contributions

Tryphon contributions to Rivendell project

Rivendell DB Client

Rivendell DB API

Rivendell Export

Rivendell Export tool

Rivendell Import

Rivendell Import NG

Rivendell Metalive

Rivendell metalive Now&Next module

Rivendell2 debian package

Rivendell 2.x debian/ubuntu package


Rivendell out of the box


RivendellBoxes web interface


Command Sox with Ruby

Ruby Alsa

ALSA binding for ruby

Ruby Icecast

Ruby interface for Icecast API

Ruby Munin

Munin plugins in ruby


Controls QEMU from Ruby


Audio processing


Record and stream for live


StageBox web interface


Check system status


Boot & Stream


StreamBox web interface

System Builder

Build bootable linux (debian) systems in ruby and puppet

User Interface

Tryphon common UI resources

UserVoice Widget

UserVoice widget Rails helper


Control Tryphon Boxes VM


Radio, Web and Free Software


11:15 AM AudioBank Feature #1274 (New): Optimise cast delivery
The CastsController uses an old workaround to deliver cast contents. SQL requests could be optimized too. Alban Peignier
11:14 AM AudioBank Revision b63a830b (audiobank): Use send_file to return Cast contents. RefsĀ #1274
Alban Peignier


08:15 PM AudioBank Feature #1273 (Resolved): Retrieve cast attributes in json
Alban Peignier
07:01 PM AudioBank Revision 7df83f9e (audiobank): Add Rack::Cors from Casts json. Refs #1273
Alban Peignier
07:00 PM AudioBank Revision 155aa582 (audiobank): Add author in Cast json. Refs #1273
Alban Peignier
02:04 PM AudioBank Feature #1273 (Resolved): Retrieve cast attributes in json
... Alban Peignier
02:04 PM AudioBank Revision 61f4b7ca (audiobank): Add json response in CastsController. Refactor m3u response (witho...
Alban Peignier


09:21 PM AudioBank Revision ffa726b2 (audiobank): Add rack-piwik
Alban Peignier
09:04 PM AudioBank Feature #1271 (In Progress): Manage ftp dropbox
Alban Peignier
09:03 PM AudioBank Feature #1272 (New): Daemon for background processings
Dropboxes and cast preparations require a daemon which could be shared. Alban Peignier
07:33 PM AudioBank Revision 90b83952 (audiobank): Add symbolic link for newrelic config
Alban Peignier
04:32 PM AudioBank Feature #1271 (In Progress): Manage ftp dropbox
To create documents automatically from files uploaded in a "empty" ftp directory. Alban Peignier
04:31 PM AudioBank Revision fdd2e53c (audiobank): Fixes Dropbox directory permissions. Refs #1271
Alban Peignier
04:30 PM AudioBank Revision 30e1d247 (audiobank): Disable NewRelic in cron
Alban Peignier
01:22 PM AudioBank Revision 8be6c7d4 (audiobank): Fixes (deprated) PodcastsController#edit
Alban Peignier
01:22 PM AudioBank Revision 951685ce (audiobank): Truncate document description when partial is linked. Refs #1268
Alban Peignier
01:21 PM AudioBank Revision 793757fb (audiobank): Remove typo. Refs #1268
Alban Peignier
01:20 PM AudioBank Revision a7873ae0 (audiobank): Increase document count per page
Alban Peignier
12:36 PM AudioBank Feature #1268 (Closed): Increase description maximum length
Alban Peignier
12:35 PM AudioBank Bug #1270 (Closed): No duration for mp3 and ogg/vorbis uploaded file
Alban Peignier
11:46 AM AudioBank Revision 591bb93a (audiobank): Add NewRelic gem
Alban Peignier
11:38 AM AudioBank Revision c8715d3d (audiobank): Optimize database requests for (deprecated) podcast feeds
Alban Peignier
11:31 AM AudioBank Revision 513f0c4f (audiobank): Fixes (deprecated) podcast feed views
Alban Peignier
10:14 AM AudioBank Revision aae57d03 (audiobank): Use format to select the TagLib File implementation. Refs #1270
Alban Peignier
09:39 AM AudioBank Bug #1270 (Closed): No duration for mp3 and ogg/vorbis uploaded file
mp3 and ogg/vorbis uploaded files have zero as duration since a few time. Alban Peignier


08:46 PM AudioBank Revision 63d3d925 (audiobank): Add DropBox which listen a directory to create automatically docum...
Alban Peignier
08:41 PM AudioBank Revision dc4a1efd (audiobank): Support audio/ogg mime type in uploaded file
Alban Peignier
08:28 PM AudioBank Revision 8d5bb39e (audiobank): Fixes Document#description length validation. Refs #1268
Alban Peignier
08:19 PM AudioBank Revision 77ecea91 (audiobank): Change Document#description into text. Suppports simple format. Re...
Alban Peignier
08:16 PM AudioBank Feature #1268 (Closed): Increase description maximum length
The Document description is limited to 255 characters. We can make it better. Alban Peignier