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on Aug 15, 2010

The first edition of SysAdmin Séminaire was organized on August 2 in the buildings of the Ecole des Mines de Paris.

Here are the slides of our presentation “Agile Puppet”.

If Puppet changes sysadmin operations into source files, we need tools and environments to manage these sources. Many problematics can be solved by using classic development methods :

Tryphon servers are managed via Puppet since 2006, but we’re using Puppet to build Tryphon Boxes too. In these various environments, we’re trying to adapt our development methods to our puppet projects. Gepetto provides some tools to create and use a development environment. We’re using tools like Capistrano (for Puppet source deployements) or Cucumber (to test Puppet configurations). This presentation tries to cover the different solutions to make Puppet agile.

As Francois Bayart says in his post about this presentation, this tutorial explains how to start your puppet project with Gepetto.

Thanks to Asyd and Olivier for the organisation of this day.