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on Feb 18, 2011

SysAdmin for development support

On 10/11 february, the second SysAdmin Paris days were organized in the nice IRCAM site near the Centre Pompidou.

During the two days, the talks were very interesting : Postgresql 9, MongoDB, large storage solutions, … The talks were broadcasted in a video streaming by the IRCAM team.

Many thanks to Asyd for the perfect organisation of this new great edition.

Sysadmin for development support

We made a new presentation to describe several problems and solutions we experienced to support development teams.

The root idea is deploying a project oriented system architecture. A single project needs are often simple. This small set of services will be supported by a VM. This VM will follow the project livecycle.

To maintain a large number of projects, the sysadmin team will deploy a large number of VMs. Deployment tools like puppet or chef are essential. Indeed VMs will share a lot of similar resources : git configuration, continuous integration (CI) tools like hudson or builbot, database for unit tests, passenger or tomcat configurations, …

By this way, a new project can be a new infrastructure in few minutes. Services will be adapted easily to the project needs without large dependencies problems. All project VMs can be saved and stopped.

The presentation Sysadmin for development support is published under Creative Commons by-nc-sa 3.0. Sources are available on our github repository. We’re using the showoff tool.