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on Oct 08, 2012

During RivendellBoxes deployments during the summer, several limitations of the current Rivendell dropboxes implementation create problems for our users.

The approach “by file” is certainly the good one. But each radio has its own rules. Current DropBoxes are simple but rigid. You often need to create dozens of DropBoxes (we’ve seen up to 143).

After several discussions (especially on french rivendell-fr mailing-list), we thought about a new import manager. As the Rivendell HTTP API provides the required interface, we inserted the concept of DSL, easily implemented in Ruby.

After about a work week, here is a new project : rivendell-import.

Key features


The rivendell-import wiki page should provide all required information to understand, install and test the tool.

Current status

This rivendell-import 0.0.2 is a preview version. We need feedback to validate (or not) this design.

rivendell-import works. You can import tons of carts by following import progress via the web interface :

But rivendell-import has some limitations : errors returned by the Rivendell API are not well managed, tasks are never purged, etc …

Rivendell API

As rivendel-import uses only the Rivendell HTTP API provided by the rdxport cgi, we created a dedicated Ruby library to invoke this API.

The Rivendell::Import::Xport supports (most of) methods provided by Rivendell API.