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Blog > Qt3 "backport" for Debian Wheezy & Sid

on Oct 12, 2012

The Debian team has finalized the Qt3 removal from the next stable release.

It’s a good idea because this version is unmaintained for a long time. But it’s a problem for us because Rivendell 2.x still uses this deprecated Qt release.

To keep available Rivendell debian packages on Wheezy (and sid), we had to rebuild the Qt3 packages on this platform.

We simply retrieved the sources of the last official qt3-x11-free debian package (3:3.3.8b-11), and our servers rebuilt them for wheezy and sid (for both amd64 and i386).

All Qt3 binary packages (libqt3-mt, libqt3-headers, …) are available on the Tryphon Debian repository.

The sources of these packages are available in a Tryphon project qt3-x11-free-debian.