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on Apr 28, 2013

Debian & Ubuntu for Rivendell 2.5.0-1

Rivendell 2.5.0 is available for few weeks. After a release candidate, the Debian & Ubuntu packages 2.5.0-1 are now available in Tryphon Debian repository.

The new Debian & Ubuntu packages Rivendell wiki page (available in french) gives all required information to install, hold the wanted version, find package sources, etc.

Several new Bonnes-Ondes sites

Symbiose, which promotes free software and culture for many years, uses now Bonnes-Ondes & AudioBank to publish their work.

AudioBank stores and shares audio documents. They can be uploaded in flac. By this way, the Symbiose team can share high quality records with Divergence FM (which broadcasts them).

The original audio contents are automatically prepared by AudioBank. It creates “normal” quality versions (in mp3 and vorbis) which can be used on public websites. Bonnes-Ondes uses these versions to publish documents into html5/flash players and podcasts. This publishing process is automatized by AudioBank & Bonnes-Ondes, and requires few clicks.

La Radio des Foyers, in live from Paris each month, uses a customized Bonnes-Ondes template. A small set of liquid markup templates provides a full customized web site. Their website uses main Bonnes-Ondes features :

We included some external goodies like the live player managed by our Stream Javascript API (presented last week) or comments by Disqus. powered by Bonnes-Ondes

Complete box set for demo

Tryphon Box Set for mobile studio and demo

Radio Campus Orleans invited us for exploring the possibilities offered by Rivendell and open source solutions.

As we’re refactoring our mobile studio, it was a good occasion to deploy a first setup : a small 5U flight-case with :

A touch screen to control Rivendell and a mixer complete this box set.

We’re still working on this setup to integrate other components (audio processing, etc) like in our current studio.