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on May 05, 2013

New download/upgrade management

We’re finalizing the new engine which manages Boxes download and ugrade. This engine is already present in the latest PlayBox release. We’re integrating it on the Boxes web interfaces (PigeControl, StreamControl, …).

This new engine improves several technical points and will provide some advanced usages :

The new StreamBox, LinkBox and StageBox releases will integrate this engine.

Icecast cluster

The Ruby Icecast client can now aggregate realtime statistics from several servers. This Icecast::Cluster can glue several Icecast::Server to provide, for example, global listeners count :

master = :host => "stream.tryphon.priv", :admin_password => "secret"
slave = :host => "stream1.tryphon.priv", :admin_password => "othersecret"

cluster = master, slave

[master, slave, cluster].map { |s|"mystream.mp3").listeners }
=> [27, 26, 52]

libpam-ssh-agent for wheezy

We released in 2010 a debian package for libpam-ssh-agent which manages sudo authentication via ssh agent.

As our infrastructure is migrated to Debian Wheezy (released saturday), we published libpam-ssh-agent for wheezy in Tryphon debian repository.