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on Jun 09, 2013

New StreamBox release

The StreamBox release 20130609-1801 is available on our servers. StreamBoxes can be easily upgraded by visiting http://streambox.local/releases.

This new release comes with a lot of improvements like :

The new LinkBox and StageBox releases will be published tomorrow.

Rivendell 2.5.1

The Debian and Ubuntu packages for Rivendell 2.5.1 are available on Tryphon debian repository.

Instructions to install these packages are available in the wiki page (in french too).

Darkice 1.2 release candidate

The current development branch is candidate to be released. Many improvements (present into the StreamBox) and (very) new features like Opus support.

Visit the darkice mailing-list from details.


We’re working on several new features for the Tryphon stream platform.

We’ve deployed a new http frontend on For the moment, it supports .. stream redirection (to one of our available stream servers) and several playlist formats (like pls or m3u).

The next features are under development. One of them will use the fresh, an customized/centralized/simplified soundmanager2+360ui player.

Make noises

Several sounds are commonly used in audio and acoustic domains, like a 1000 Hz tune, a white noise, or a pink noise.

Simple tools like sox (“the Swiss Army knife of sound processing programs”) can generate them for you in a second :

$ sox -n -b 16 -r 44100 -c 2 sine.flac synth 10:00 sine 1000 fade q 10 10:00 10

$ sox -n -b 16 -r 44100 -c 2 whitenoise.flac synth 10:00 whitenoise fade q 10 10:00 10

$ sox -n -b 16 -r 44100 -c 2 pinknoise.flac synth 10:00 pinknoise fade q 10 10:00 10

The fade part is optional. The duration (10:00 here) can be customized according your need.

No more excuses to setup your audio chain correctly ;)