StageBox is a complete solution to perform live recordings and streamings with integrated sound treatment on the fly.

This project provides a bootable GNU/Linux system with all required software components to record, encode and send an audio streaming. Moreover, the recorded audio can be gathered via web interface (or rsync).


StageBox is distributed, with the required hardware, by Tryphon.


  • bootable Debian GNU/Linux
  • user interface via a web frontend StreamControl
  • designed to use a read-only root fs (like a compact flash)
  • automatic network configuration (with dhcp support)
  • encode/send an Ogg/Vorbis stream and records in lossless format (like flac).


This project is released under GNU General public License 3 (see source:COPYING) by Tryphon.

The sources are available in a git repository :

git clone git://